Celcom adds Redmi Note 3 to its First plan

If you can't get it from the official store, this is the next best thing

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 has been one popular smartphone, thanks to its budget price coupled with pretty decent specs making it one of Xiaomi's better bargains. Unfortunately it has been consistently sold out online but Celcom subscribers can now get their hands on one because the model has been made available with First plans.

From the website, it seems that the variant available is the Redmi Note 3 with 32GB of flash storage and 3GB of RAM. You can get it with either the First Blue plan or the First Gold plan, with different upfront payments and contract terms.

The First Blue plan will let you have the device for RM628 with an upfront payment of RM150 but you'll need to commit to a 24 month contract, and pay RM45 a month. With the First Gold, the device will be RM798 with an upfront payment of RM80 and a commitment of 12 months, with RM80 due monthly. 

Check out the official Celcom page for the device if you want to know more or head to your nearest Blue Cube store. Also read our review of this smartphone that offers premium performance at a really good price.

[Source: Celcom]