Call of Duty: Black Ops III limited console drapes PlayStation 4 in neon orange

The future is garish, apparently: this 1TB bundle puts COD markings on the hardware

Sony and Activision are the best of pals now that Microsoft isn't paying for Call of Duty perks. The PlayStation 4 got the Black Ops III multiplayer beta early, and add-on map packs will hit the console first as well.

And continuing a past Microsoft exclusive promotion, Activision and Sony have teamed up to release a limited edition PlayStation 4 console covered with Call of Duty: Black Ops III insignias. And keeping with the game's box art and logo, that means an emphasis on bright orange.

Unlike, say, the stunning Destiny limited console (or last year's Advanced Warfare version of the Xbox One), the Black Ops III unit isn't heavily changed from the typical PS4 color scheme and design. But it has a big "III" logo outline covering the entire top surface of the system, along with a smaller logo and markings on the front that Activision says represent the three big game modes: campaign, multiplayer, and zombies.

The controller is a little more appealing, with grey plastic breaking from the typical DualShock 4 design, although the bright orange is retained for the analog sticks and d-pad, along with a small "III" logo on the right grip. Sony will sell the gamepad separately from the bundle, as well.

This PlayStation 4 is one of the new 1TB editions, offering ample internal storage - and it's actually the first appearance of the larger drive in the States. Which is either a positive or negative, depending on how much you like the console. The Black Ops III PlayStation 4 bundle will be out on 6 November alongside the standalone game.

[Source: PlayStation.Blog]