Brilliant twisty jar lets no condiment escape

The next evolution of the age old Peanut Butter jar? We sure hope so.

Ahh condiments. Where would we be without the likes of the delicious things. Be it Nutella, Salsa, Jam or insert-your-favourite-spread, it's the same story, those jars just make it so hard to get at those stubborn last bits of goodness right at the bottom!

We like this twist

Jar-with-a-twist has literally invented a way of getting every last ounce of your condiment (or in this case, Peanut Butter) right out of the jar with minimal mess and even less wastage. The design of this 'twistable' plastic jar pushes up the contents of the jar so you need not have to plumb the depths for the goodies and it keeps the contents fresher by minimizing air exposure. 

Plus, they've also made production costs as close as they could (down to a matter of cents difference) to regular store-bought peanut butter, so you won't be paying a ton extra for something different. Did we mention the jars are totally recycleble too?

As of now the project will still take some time before we know if it actually takes off, but if it does work out, the men behind the project will be developing similar jars for "Jelly, Salsa and Mayonnaise." So till then, fingers crossed that this will make sticky peanut butter knuckles go the way of the dinosaur.

(Facebook via Gizmodo)