Bose speakers users in Malaysia, you have a special offer for Deezer Premium Plus

Your Bose speakers have finally paid off - 50% discount on your Deezer monthly subscription for a year
Bose speakers users in Singapore, you have a special offer for Deezer Premium Pl

All you audio eccentric people can now rejoice – Deezer’s just made its Premium Plus music service available in Singapore. But before your fast fingers start signing up on its website, there’s something you need to know.

The rollout (which also includes Singapore and Malaysia) will be in collaboration with Bose Corporation – meaning you’ll need to own the Bose SoundTouch or SoundLink products to benefit from its special customer features and discounted subscription.

All you need to do to set up is sign up to an auto-account creation through its SoundTouch app, which will then give you a discounted subscription of RM16 per month for 12 months – 50 per cent off the original price of RM32. There’s a 30-day free trial and it comes without any ads too, so there’s nothing to complain about.

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Also, with Deezer Premium Plus, you’ll get access to more than 35 million songs on the platform, new music through Deezer radio, recommendations and top playlists (especially from the “Flow” and “Hear This” products), and access to your playlists and albums without an Internet connection in offline mode, amongst others.

Deezer’s also got a new user interface via the web that gives you a clean and refined web design and news on album releases in addition to playlist selections. You’ll also find a new sidebar on it that gives you one-click access to your music library, along with the main features of Deezer.

New and existing Deezer Premium Plus subscribers can head to to sign up, while current Bose SoundTouch system owners can already access Deezer via a software update.

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