Boeing and Blackberry collaborate on a highly-secure mobile phone

Boeing is working with Blackberry to make Boeing Black the most secure phone ever

What can you do when your precious mobile phone falls into the wrong hands? Send a strongly worded letter? Send selfies of rude gestures? Or take the higher ground, live and let live and remotely wipe your phone? What if it could self-destruct like what they do in the movies?

Although infinitely more satisfying, it’s not exactly socially acceptable to have it blow up – not to mention the idea of carrying a ticking time bomb on your person works better only when you’re clouded by a red mist. What Blackberry and Boeing have collaborated on instead is an ultra-secure phone that will automatically wipe its data when an unauthorised person tries to tamper with it. Close enough is good enough.

We’ve known about this phone – called the Boeing Black – being in the works for quite a while now but it’s only recently that Boeing is starting to test its phone on Blackberry’s Business Enterprise Service (BES) solution.

Reuters reported that during a routine conference call, Blackberry CEO John Chen said, ”we’re pleased to announce that Boeing is collaborating with Blackberry to provide a secure mobile solution for Android devices utilising our BES 12 platform.”

He adds, “and that is all they allow me to say.”

The upside of working on BES 12 is that you can secure non-Blackberry devices working on OSes like Android and iOS.

In addition, the Black features a dual-SIM option, automatic call encryption, as well as compatibility with a variety of biometric sensors as well as secure satellites. The phone is being pitched to government agencies, as well as corporations with particularly sensitive data so it’s highly unlikely we’ll see it offered to the general public.

[Source: Tech Radar, Reuters]

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