Asus surprises by announcing two new phone flash attachments

The ZenFlash and Lolliflash offer Xenon-flash and colour filters respectively

The Asus Zenfone 2 launch happened this week and while it wasn't all too exciting, Asus dropped a neat surprise by announcing not one, but two camera flash attachments. The ZenFlash and the LolliFlash (we're not kidding about the name) offer a high-powered flash and coloured filters respectively.

Where your phone really is your camera

What's the big deal about Xenon flash, you say? Well, according to Asus, the ZenFlash has 400-times more flashpower and if you remember Nokia's old Xenon-flash phones, you would know just how much better they were for taking pictures in low-light conditions. How would the accessory work? You would just need to connect it to your smartphone via a USB OTG cable.

As to the LolliFlash, though, these are more like little LED torch things you can plug in via the headphone jack. Coming in red, yellow and blue, there's no actual communication between the phone and the lights. You just plug them in and have your photography bask in the ligh.

No word though, whether the accessories are only Asus-phone compatible. Pricing, availability and other launch information have yet to be made available but we're betting that if they get a good response, the competition just might be coming up with their own ready-to-go flash accessories for your favourite smartphones.

[Source: Engadget]