The Asus PadFone goes mini in latest leak

Serial leaker evleaks gets hold of new PadFone Mini images

Evleaks is like a monster when it comes to leaks and this time they’ve done it again with the Asus PhonePad Mini. The original PadPhone placed a 5-inch smartphone into the arms of a 10-inch tablet dock, allowing you to have to machines in one. And as the name implies, this is a mini version of the hybrid.

Instead of a 5-inch phone, Asus has shrunk it down (not by much actually) to 4.3 inches and it’ll be slotted into a 7-inch tablet dock. So far not much else is known about the hybrid besides what it looks like and its size but the Taiwan launch is slated to for 11th December so stay tuned for more details

Source: Engadget