Astro Suffers Data Breach Yet Again; Less Than 0.2 Percent Of Customers Affected

Not like that makes things any better

Astro has suffered a data breach yet again. Yep, this has happened before as this is the company’s second known data leak in the span of 18 months. Astro made an official announcement on their website, stating that it had noticed unauthorised access to its customers’ MyKad data which holds details including IC number, date of birth, gender, race and address.

On the bright side, less than 0.2 percent of their customers are affected in this incident and Astro is actually in the process of informing them. The company also claims that its customers' financial data is not compromised, and that it had addressed and stopped the unauthorised access immediately.

“We take the protection of our customers’ personal information seriously and have taken steps to enhance and further strengthen our security,” they said. When contacted, Astro stated that it will not be able to comment further on the incident to facilitate the ongoing police investigations.

Last year, Astro’s IPTV Customer Database was put up for sale online with over 60,000 of its customers personal details available. While the incident was investigated, there had been no other reports to state what had happened since then.

If you're an Astro customer and have plenty of concerns, you can contact Astro at [email protected] or [email protected].