The Aston Martin DB9 GT Bond Edition will turn anyone into James Bond

Ex-Spectre only the best


Woah woah, calm down, 007 fanboy. Good eye. You’re close. Unfortunately, the real DB10 is not available to anyone except Mr Bond. Fortunately, the rest of us get the DB9 GT Bond Edition.

But I want the real thing

You can’t have the real thing because there were only 10 created, of which 8 were used for filming and 2 for tempting the public on roadshows. So no, there’s absolutely no way you’re getting one.


When you’re done sulking, may we turn your attention back to the perfectly desirable DB9 GT Bond Edition? This limited edition car is essentially a DB9 dipped in Spectre Silver paint. Its crazy powerful 6-litre 540hp V12 engine will have you roaring past envious faces, going from zero to hero (100km) in a matter of 4.4 seconds. Reaching a top speed of 295 kph, you will be ghosting on roads in a blaze of silver.

On the inside, it’s decked out in everything 007. Aside from lush plush dark leather interiors, you get individually numbered plaques, stitched logos as well as a specially created start-up screen to remind you that you're a wannabe Bond, James Bond. Plus, you get Bond-themed accessories with your purchase.

Bond-themed accessories? Do you mean Monica Bellucci?

That’s … probably not legal. We mean things that Bond would Instagram if he could. We’re talking an Omega James Bond Limited Edition Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M (costing a sweet US$7350 (RM31,500)), a 21-inch Globe-Trotter suitcase, and a rather swanky embossed luggage tag.

One Aston Martin(i) for me, shaken not stirred

Man, you make the worst puns. If you have the disposable income of a Bond villain, you'd be able to afford this car pricetagged at US$237,007 (RM1,010,200). That is, if you’re fast enough to stake your claim on one of the 150 available worldwide. We hear the only one available in Singapore has already been taken, so you’re left with just 149...