Ara-ther buy my own parts from Project Ara's confirmed marketplace for developers

Google’s plans for Project Ara marketplace and app are now in motion
Ara-ther buy my own: Project Ara marketplace developers confirmed

Project Ara isn’t close to completion yet, but Google has already set the wheels in motion to start an online marketplace for phone parts.

Earlier last month, it was made known that Two Toasters will be developing the marketplace app, and now, software solutions company Globant has announced that they will be partnering Google ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects) to develop the new Ara Marketplace.

The new Ara Marketplace will be analogous to the Google Play Store, and will include user reviews and recommendations, which will bear more weight because unlike apps, you are less likely to buy on a whim.

Interestingly, Globant said that Google’s vision is the creation of a “two-sided market between module developers and consumers, with module developers gaining direct access to consumers (versus having to market to original equipment manufacturers), and consumers benefitting from a more diverse ecosystem of functional hardware options for their device.” Perhaps the success of Project Ara may have significant implications on the future of tech devices and their business models too.

One prototype closer to reality

Ara-ther buy my own: Project Ara marketplace developers confirmed

However, there’s no word so far as to when the store and the app will be rolling out; the nearer Project Ara is to completion, the easier it is to guess, we think.

And, Google has just released a teaser pic of the new Spiral 2 prototype, which will be featured along with the new version of the Module Developers Kit at the next Project Ara Developers Conference held in Mountain View, California on 14 January 2015, as well as Singapore on 21 January 2015.

It’s past the registration date to attend the events, but both conferences will be livestreamed. If this sort of thing floats your boat perchance, you can sign up for the livestream here.

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