Apple's Clips gets a makeover, with Star Wars flavour

It's fun, it's free (with no strings attached) and available now

If you haven't downloaded the Clips app for iOS, you're missing out. Apple's take on making fun yet polished-looking photos/videos for optimal social media sharing is even better after an update.

Spot the BB-8

This time around, Apple has tweaked the interface and introduced Scenes. Scenes uses your selfie camera to paint a virtual background that will change when you turn the camera around. But this is an iPhone X exclusive as Scenes needs the X's True Depth camera to properly render the video.

Clips' Camera tab is now also easier to figure out. Button shortcuts have been added to its Live Titles prominently below the Camera button, and there's a one-button shortcut in Camera mode to access filters, labels, stickers and emojis too. The Posters section houses more or less themed packages, now featuring Pixar, Disney and Star Wars imagery.

There are also new stickers and effects (Watercolor, Charcoal, Sienna and Indigo) as well as new filters. iCloud sharing is supported, so you can easily edit your Clips on one device and then another.

However, for style-transfer effects, you'll need to be using an iPhone 7 or later, or the iPad Pro 2017. Apart from that, the app should work on any 64-bit iOS device running 10.3 or later. Try out the update on the App Store.