Apple slips up and debuts iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 on iTunes

It makes us wonder if this is an accident or an intentional easter egg for us to spot the new iPads with Touch ID and Burst Mode features
Apple slips up and debuts iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 in iTunes

The cat's out of the bag. In yet another boo-boo moment, Apple’s made a huge blunder and revealed precious information clearly saved for its 16 October event.

It accidentally revealed information of the upcoming iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 on iTunes, specifically through screenshots for the iOS 8.1 iPad user guide within iBooks.

What the screenshots show are the two tablets with a bunch of new features – namely Touch ID sensors in the Home button and a new Burst Mode for the iPad Air 2 (this was first seen on the iPhone 5S). But otherwise, as far as looks go, they seem identical to their predecessors; same make, same build.

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The images also confirm the names of the purported devices will be “iPad Air 2” and “iPad mini 3”, meaning the numbering returns to the iPad range. Unless of course, Apple decides to change it overnight to something else but we’re putting our bets on that not happening.

Of course, the user guide, which revealed the existence of the Touch ID sensor, also unintentionally highlights the fact that Apple Pay could be extended to the new iPads. There's also a high chance that Apple's wireless payment system and an updated iOS 8.1 will show up tomorrow.

It’s also been previously reported that the iPad Air 2 will also boast a swanky gold colour finish, a new anti-reflection coating on its screen, an updated rear-facing 8MP camera and a faster A8X brain.

As for the iPad mini 3, there’s little to go on based on what features it’ll have but we expect they’ll mirror most of what’s included on the iPad Air 2. Watch this space on 16 October (17 October here in Singapore) to get all the details from the reveal.

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[Source and image: 9to5Mac]