Apple refreshes 13in and 15in MacBook Pro with Haswell silicon, OS X Mavericks and lower prices

Cupertino denies the MacBook Air a Retina display but both Pro sizes get a hearty update for 2013. Click on to see if it's an essential upgrade
MacBook Pro Retina Display Haswell 2013 autumn update

On cue, Apple's updated its MacBook Pro models in 13in and 15in sizes but amongst the expected power and battery life improvements, it's pulled an absolute shocker out of the bag: the new Retina MBPs are launching with cheaper prices than their predecessors did. 

We know, we know - is Apple feeling OK? I mean, it just announced that its new OS X Mavericks 10.9 is free too. While we calm down from the shock, check out the specs on Apple's new beastly laptops. 

Thinner, Lighter, Haswell-er

First up, the 13in MacBook Pro keeps its gorgeous Retina display but adds 4th generation, dual-core Intel Haswell chips to its equally impressive insides with integrated Iris graphics that Apple reckons are up to 90% faster than the previous MacBook Pro. 

Battery life also gets a boost with Apple quoting an 'up to nine hours' time, which we're looking forward to testing out. That would make it a true all-day MacBook Pro, impressive with that hi-res screen.

2013's shiny MacBook Pro also comes with Thunderbolt 2 support, a 1080p FaceTime camera, faster 802.11ac "Gigabit" Wi-Fi and though the form factor stays put, it's lighter and thinner than its predecessor at 0.71in skinny. Of course, it comes running OS X Mavericks too. We only have US prices for now but with a Core i5 chip, prices start at US$1299. 

Now over to the 15in 2013 MacBook Pro. This rocks a quad-core Intel Crystalwell processor (see box-out) alongside Iris Pro graphics, the same faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi as the 13in model and faster PCie Flash storage. Battery life comes in at a reported, and respectable, eight hours. Prices in the US for the 15in MacBook Pro start at US$1999.

Malaysia prices

The Apple Store is back online, revealing the prices of the new MacBook Pros. The 13in version starts from RM4199 while the 15in version begins at RM6499. Both variants will ship within 24 hours, but if fast clickers beat you to the order, the shipping date could shift to mid November