Apple raises Mac prices in selected countries, including Malaysia

The other countries affected are Brazil, New Zealand and Norway

It's a lot more expensive now to own a Mac, thanks to the latest price adjustments by Apple. Australia, Canada and Europe recently saw price hikes and now Malaysia (as well as Brazil, New Zealand and Norway) also have higher retail prices, as can be seen on Apple's official online store.

The higher prices are mostly due to the falling currencies in the countries affected. Apple's cheapest laptop, the 11-inch Macbook Air is now RM4,099 when it was previously RM3,391. Take note that the revised prices also take into account duties and applicable taxes. With the recently-implemented GST, it would also contribute to the more expensive prices on the Apple Store.

Most expensive on the Apple Store is the hexa-core Mac Pro that now retails for RM18,599 from its previous RM14,999. In the US, it retails for US$3,999, which is approximately RM16,581. Add in duties and tax, you would see just why the price has made quite a leap from its previous price.

Until the ringgit appreciates, Apple fans will have to get used to the higher prices.

[Source: Macrumors]