Apple Pay might roll out 20 October, as part of iOS 8.1

The US is expected to be able to use it first, followed by the rest of the world
The Apple payments platform might roll out 20 October with iOS 8.1

We recently got to know from 9to5Mac that Apple might be working on three major future iOS 8 updates including iOS 8.1. Now, there’s another reason for us to believe it’s on its way to our iPhones.

Based on “multiple sources close to Apple”, Bank Innovation has announced iOS 8.1 is coming soon, and that too with Apple Pay. How soon you ask? It’s apparently scheduled for 20 October.

Although Apple hasn’t officially announced an exact time for this, these sources have indicated that Apple Pay will be available for use by iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners when they download the updated operating system.

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If you haven’t heard about Apple Pay, it basically uses the near-field communication (NFC), Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and secure element encryption features on the new iPhones to let users pay for stuff online and in stores without whipping out their wallets.

Of course, this is first applicable to the US, since Apple’s already inked deals with major credit card companies in addition to some big name retailers in the state. And going by what Apple said at the recent iPhone 6 unveil, it won’t be too long before the rest of the world gets to experience the feature as well.

But even though this feature has been available on a bunch of other mobile devices for a while already, its uptake thus far has been slim. We’ll just have to wait and see if anything changes and if mass adoption picks up once Apple makes the service available.

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[Sources: Business Insider and Bank Innovation