Change is in the Air: Apple likely tweaking Pencil and refreshing MacBook Air

Expect hardware changes to MacBook Air lineup soon

Though the new iPhone launch will be the highlight of next month, it's rumoured Apple has plans in place for the iPad line as well as its MacBook Air.

New iPads, iMacs in the works

Bloomberg reported that Apple is planning to tweak the iPad to cater to its professional users, while also planning updates to its Mac laptop and desktop lines.

A big part of the iPad iOS tweak will include better support for its Pencil stylus, which it will incorporate in the next big iOS update. Apple is apparently toying with making the Pencil useable in more apps, the way the Galaxy Note range's S Pen works in a variety of apps.

As for new iPads, don't expect them this year as apparently they wil only be appearing next year, with rumours that there will be a 10.5in iPad Pro

Also in the works is a new MacBook Air, new iMacs, a thinner MacBook Pro and a new 5K monitor to replace Apple's phased out Thunderbolt model. The new monitor will be made in collaboration with LG.

Expect to see USB-C ports in the new MacBook Airs and it's also touted that the new iMacs will have options for GPUs from AMD. Just don't expect the laptops to be out just yet as the focus for the next launch will likely be on the iPhone and the next iteration of iOS.

[Source: 9to5Mac]