The Apple Card Will Lose Its Shine If You Keep It In Leather Or Denim

Apple’s credit card has found its kryptonite.

The luxurious Apple Card is already available in the US and certain parts of the world. As an Apple product, it certainly stands out by being made of titanium and featuring that iconic Apple design features. And yet all that glitter (or in this case titanium) isn’t gold, and that is certainly the case with the Apple Card.

While the Apple Card certainly does have a certain grace and silvery shine to it, but to keep that glimmer, Apple has posted a guide on how to clean their premium credit card. Unlike most credit cards made out of plastic, the titanium Apple Card is a lot more sensitive to a number of materials and the rigors of an everyday wallet.

The biggest takeaway from this guide is the aversion of denim and leather to the Apple Card. Prolonged exposure to these materials can cause some discolouration on the card, which would not be easy to get rid off. There’s also a section that advises the Apple Card from direct contact with other credit cards and loose change to avoid getting stains and scratches on the card.

If you do run into some discolouration or stains, a good wipe with a microfibre cloth and some isopropyl alcohol should do the trick. Doing this should keep your credit card pristine. Still no word on a Malaysian release of the Apple Card just yet, though at the very least we know how to keep it clean now.