Pokemon Adidas Sneakers Are Official And Coming Soon (Hopefully)

Seems to feature the pixel-art series

Adidas had collaborated with Pokemon in June 2019. Less than a year later, a new line of Pokemon-plastered Adidas sneakers has been announced. 


The new line seems to be featuring the pokemon pixel sprite art, which is a merchandising theme in Pokemon Centres (Japan).

The Pokemon logos can be seen on the tongue of the sneaker as well as the insole.

The interior fabric lining also features other Pokemon pixel sprites in a monogram-like pattern. Seems like the first-gen pokemon (first 150) are represented, but to what extent remains unknown...

Adidas collaborations are known to be priced slightly above average - making them a tad out of reach for the average consumer. Remember those Game of Thrones Ultraboost sneakers? Well, they are all sold out nonetheless.

This new Pokemon collab is based on the Adidas Advantage series, and we predict that it might cost about RM480 more or less. But that's purely a jest.

Would you want one?