Acer Liquid Leap smartwatch due for an appearance at Computex 2014

It says a lot when a traditional laptop and tablet maker is also unveiling a smartwatch at the biggest tech exhibition in Asia
Acer will soon join the big boys of tech with the launch of a smartwatch

For those of you who have been looking forward to new Acer laptops or desktops from Computex 2014 in Taipei, the vendor's going to dash your dreams. The good news is, Acer will soon put itself in the same ring as the big boys of tech (i.e. Google, Microsoft, Samsung, or Apple) with the launch of its first smartwatch at the event.

The inauguration of the smartwatch, dubbed Liquid Leap, is seemingly Acer’s attempt to beat the tech giants at their own game – the move says a lot when a PC heavyweight such as Acer is launching a smartwatch instead of computers at one of the biggest hardware trade shows worldwide.

Liquid Leap will feature a 1in touchscreen display that does more than call and SMS notifications – it also dabbles with fitness tracking. It will also be IPX7 certified for water protection (up to a meter for as long as 30 minutes). And like all smartwatch makers, you'll get your pick of colours from Moonstone White, Mineral Black, Aquamarine, Fragrant Pink, and Vivid Orange.

Expect five smartphones too

Acer will introduce five new smartphones

In addition, Acer will introduce five new smartphones that range from low-budget models to high end ones that support 4G networks, marking its deeper penetration into the smartphone sphere. These include the Acer Liquid X1, E700, E600, Liquid Jade and Liquid Z200 mobile phone models.

Last year, Acer’s main highlight was its range of tablets. Acer will also be unveiling a new 8in Android tablet this year, but we expect its smartphones and smartwatch to generate the most interest from attendees, alluding to the fact that the vendor is eyeing technologies beyond the traditional PC for growth.

But will Acer stand on par or supersede the tech giants of wearables? That's a question we'll try to answer when we get our hands on it during Computex 2014.

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