Abandon all hopes for a 4K Apple TV

Wall Street Journal reports that Apple has ditched the plan since a year back

Stop hoping that Apple is going to make an incredibly beautiful 4K TV for your living room, the company has seemingly abandoned that plan.

Wall Street Journal reports that the Cupertino-based company has ditched this route from as early as a year ago. The reason? It just couldn’t find a way to make the TV stand out from the rest.

The Apple TV rumours have taken on a few forms, including a front-facing FaceTime camera that aims at someone who’s talking. But high cost and poor quality for the display panels have become a roadblock for Apple to proceed with its grand plan.

Not all hope is lost though. Earlier rumours of an update to the existing Apple TV, the media streamer that connects all iThings to your TV, is most likely on the right path. The remote, for one, might be supplemented with new control methods such as touch or voice control via Siri.

Earlier reports have also suggested that 3D motion tracking control could be in the works, given Apple’s acquisition of Kinect creator Primesense.

With less than a month to go before Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, a new Apple TV could appear alongside new reveals for iOS 9 and Apple's Beats Music streaming service. Just, no 4K Apple TV.

Hence, there’s really no reason to wait, just go get a 4K TV within your budget now.

[Source: Wall Street Journal via The Verge]