With 250 new emojis, you don’t have to text anymore

Fancy the Vulcan salute, or middle finger icon anyone?
With 250 new emoji, you don’t have to text anymore

Life just got a tad bit easier for us. If you’ve been annoyed with the lack of emoji that express what you really feel, you’re going to be overjoyed with this little piece of news – the Unicode Consortium has issued a listing of 250 new emojis.

Now, before you go squealing and probing your smart devices for the latest updates to get these new icons, we’d like to put it out there that this list is just an example library for Google, Apple, or any other tech giant to adopt into their existing sphere of emoji.

But don’t get too upset yet – for us, this means a sneak peek into the emoji that will soon be making their debut in our smart devices.

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So what’s new?

With 250 new emoji, you don’t have to text anymore

On closer look at the updated chart, there are a few icons that will spark your interest just as it’s got ours. For one, the Vulcan salute; this emoji will not disappoint Star Trek fans. It beats the common “hi” or “wave” emoji and has so much more character to it.     

And we’ll get it out of the way – the middle finger also makes it on the list. Personally, we feel the icon is slightly less vulgar as compared to actually typing out the words in text so introducing it might actually be a good thing.

A handful of outdated tech also made it on the list (we wonder why considering the whole wave of new tech that’s springing up). If these icons are actually made into emoji, you’ll soon see a fax machine, an old school telephone, an external webcam, or a portable stereo.

Heck, there’s even symbols of a cassette and floppy disks, if you know what they are. But what we really want are gif-like emoji that breaks the boundaries of fun.

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