2015 Ford Mustang has electronic line lock for epic burnouts

Don’t spare the horses! Ford’s upcoming muscle car will make laying down black lines in your local car park an absolute breeze
Ford Mustang 2015

Engineering an American muscle car that is incapable of pulling of big, smoky burnouts is like serving pancakes without maple syrup, pouring coffee without the cream or turning 40 without undergoing cosmetic surgery. It’s just unacceptable in the US of A.

That’s why Ford has revealed that its all-new Mustang will come with a Super Burnout Hooligan button. Or, to give it is proper name, electronic line-lock.

The technology sees the front brakes lock while releasing the rear brakes when activated, allowing the driver to pin the accelerator to the floor and spin the rear wheels until the tyres burst… or the police are called.

Ford Mustang 2015

Of course, Ford say that this feature is intended “for track use only” and adds, “racing your vehicle will void the warranty,” despite Mustang chief engineer Dave Pericak suggesting that the new technology was aimed at those who like to drive the car to work all week yet visit the drag strip at the weekend.

The practice of spinning the rear wheels is commonplace in the drag racing scene; it's a quick and easy method of getting heat into the tyres, which in turn improves grip to ensure the best start off the line.

This is the first Mustang in its 50-year history to be officially offered to UK customers; it will be available with a 5.0l V8 engine when it hits showrooms in 2015. That should give you plenty of time to scope out your local car park. Sorry, drag racing track.

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