Misfit knows plenty about stylish fitness trackers, but up to now it’s been focused on simplicity, not smarts.

That all changes with the Vapor - it’s the company’s first true smartwatch, but not one running an off-the-shelf OS. It’s a bespoke beauty, with the kinds of fitness-tracking tech that’ll keep you healthy and a unique sense of style to go with it.

Read on to find out why this was one of our favourite wearables at CES 2017, and why you’re going to want to get one.

Stunning style

When Misfit revealed the Vapor, I instantly had flashbacks to the original Moto 360 - it looked great on paper, but just didn’t deliver in the flesh when it came to build quality. After seeing the Vapor in person, though, I clearly didn’t need to worry. This thing is gorgeous.

There’s more than a bit of design influence from parent company Fossil’s other brands, but all you need to know is this is a stainless steel smartwatch that feels every bit as luxurious as it looks.

The 1.39in OLED is one of the sharpest screens I’ve seen on a smartwatch, with pin-sharp looks and tiny text that’s easy to read, without jamming your nose right up against the glass. And of course, there's no flat tyre here.

I love how scrolling your finger around the edge of the dial moves through different menus - it's like having a physical dial, only without the added visual clutter. It's minimal, and I'm a big fan of minimal.

It’s fully featured underneath, too, with an optical heart rate monitor and built-in GPS as well as the usual accelerometer and gyroscopic sensors. Misfit has made sure to add the same waterproofing you’ll find in its other fitness trackers, too - you’ll be able to take it for a swim as well as wear it in the shower.


A touch of class

Everything is nailed down on the hardware front, but it’s the software side that’s stopping the Vapor from launching right away.

There’s no Android Wear or Tizen here - Misfit is doing its own thing, designing everything from scratch, and that takes time to get right. It’s a brave move, but I still liked what I saw when I tried it out.

The OS works with both Android and iOS phones, sticks notifications right on your wrist and will support third party apps - when they arrive. The UI is ultra-minimal, but feels really snappy, with no bloat slowing it down.

Misfit has learned a lot from other smartwatches, so you can long-press the screen to quickly change watch faces, or swipe between widgets for things like weather, heart rate, exercise tracking and music controls.

There’s built-in Bluetooth and 4GB of storage on-board, so you can pair your Bluetooth headphones directly to the watch and go on a run without your phone.

It’s really slick right now, so hopefully Misfit can iron out the kinks and get it ready for launch soon.