Recently, we were invited by LG to a review session where they showed off their latest 65” E8 4K OLED TV - and there were a lot to show off. This TV could stand as the epitome of LG’s design and innovation.

The first thing that stuck out to us was how thin it was. Despite being a 65” TV, the screen plus the sheet of glass it sits on is around 1/4 inch thick! The stand juts out at the bottom for the front and back with the glass providing additional support for the whole TV. From the front, it looks minimal and sleek with its thin bezels, glass borders and metallic stand.  

A thin section right under the screen is where you’ll find the grills to the speaker. This elegant design is pretty deceptive, in that it hides an sizable built-in soundbar right behind the screen. The soundbar supports Dolby Atmos that gives a cinematic surround sound experience. Watch a few trailers and you can hear the incredible audio quality that it offers right off the bat. You can look at an image but feel the sound with this TV.

Any brand can slap on OLED for their TV but LG is offering the software that complements the hardware, and it starts with the α9 processor. This new processor intelligently analyses whatever’s in frame and enhances it while still removing the artefacts. For example, noise reduction, sharpness and depth enhancements, delivering true image colour accuracy.  

With that said, the picture quality was definitely top notch - it had deeper blacks that add better contrast and a wider colour gamut that gives off better saturation and colour distinction. The screen had very high brightness levels, so you won’t have to worry about pesky glare or reflections.

There are tons of picture styles you can pick to suit your own preference - Vivid, Cinema, Sports, Game or an ISF expert mode where you can fine tune the colours for the best picture quality or specific images.

The feature that makes this TV that much smarter, is the LG’s ThinQ artificial intelligence (AI) and the inclusion the Google Assistant, which can be only accessed by speaking into the LG Magic Remote. Commands can be as simple as volume control, to pulling up your desired content, to giving you weather and traffic details.

While we’re sure we can adjust volume faster the old fashion way, we’re glad we didn’t have to type out our searches one letter at a time - a great quality of life upgrade.  We didn’t manage to test out all the commands but with the list of examples they gave, there’s a lot of possibilities.

LG’s WebOS keeps interface and navigation simple and user-friendly - someone as unfamiliar as us could pick up the remote and intuitively find anything we were looking for. The hardest question you’ll be asking yourself is ‘What do I want to watch now?’.

We definitely have a spectacular TV from LG in our hands, and with a MYR 22,999 price tag, we shouldn’t expect any less. The LG E8 4k OLED TV is one of the best out there with its sophisticated design, stunning picture quality, Dolby Atmos support, and features like the integrated AI and Google Assistant. You guys can have the LG E8 4k OLED TV and all its delicious features too, but the price may dissuade some of you.

Tech Specs 
65” 4K Ultra HD
Artificial Intelligence
ThinQ AI, Google Assistant
Dimension (WxHxD)
57.0" x 36.0" x 8.7"
Stuff says... 

LG 65" E8 4K OLED TV review

The LG E8 4k OLED TV doesn’t compromise on anything - not even your wallet.
Good Stuff 
Minimal and sophisticated glass design
Stunning picture quality
Easy voice command with ThinQ and Google Assistant
Bad Stuff 
Picture quality similar to older C8 model