There’s a reason why the definitive mobile phone was the Nokia 3310; it was everyone’s first phone, it did all that a mobile phone should, and has stood the test of time as being one of the most durable mobile phones ever. In the modern smartphone age, there isn’t really something that fits the mold the original Nokia set out, but Huawei might have just provided with a contender to that claim.

For Honor

The Honor brand has always been the alternative for users looking for affordability and utility. While Huawei has its share of great phones, the Honor series keeps up the pace as well. Besides their flagship phone series, the X series does wonders to those looking to get a new phone without breaking the bank. Say hello to the Huawei Honor 8X.


Putting The X in 8X

The Honor 8X is about 6.5 inches, a good decent size that is accentuated with it’s almost bezel-less screen. The screen displays images at a resolution of up to 1080p and is completely made up of Cornish Gorilla glass so not only does it look good, it’s very sturdy as well. The back of the phone is also covered in Gorilla Glass, making the overall feel of the phone pretty nice. There are 4 colours to choose from, allowing users to express themselves in either red, blue, yellow or black.

The Power Within

Out of the box, the Honor 8x is powered by the Hisilicon kirin chipset, along with an Octa-Core CPU and a Mali-G51 GPU, making for a responsive and quick phone, as well as producing some really pretty visuals. Whether it’s streaming movies, taking incredible pictures, or playing some of Android’s best games, the internal and external components work hand-in-hand in providing a satisfying experience for the user. We tried out games like PUBG Mobile, Honkai Impact 3, and ARK: Survival Evolved and found no problems whatsoever with running these games. The Li-Po 3750 mAh battery is also a plus as it helps the phone last for up to 12 hours without charging.


Double Vision

The phone is backed up by two cameras on the back and one on the front with the two rear  cameras are in 20 and 2 megapixels, while the front camera is at 16 megapixels. While this means you can take decent pictures in HDR for both the front and back cameras, the secondary camera helps out with the depth perception of your photos. There are also a multitude of modes to play around with, which is standard with all phones released by Honor .


Cutting Corners

Some sacrifices had to be made for the phone to be as affordable as it is. One way they cut corners was that they did not include a pair of earphones with the phone, which doesn’t make sense since the Honor 8X has a headphone jack. In the box, you’ll only find the phone itself and the charger. There’s also a matter with the speakers of the phone, with only one side of the phone has a speaker and it can be a little weak.  Not great to those who want to listen or watch things without earphones.


The Honor 8X is a perfectly average phone, it is quintessentially a smartphone and does everything you’d expect a smartphone to do. It doesn’t have any flashy features, and it does cut corners in a few places to justify the price. It retails for RM 949 and is perfect for youths starting out with using smartphones, or an affordable alternative if you’re looking for an upgrade.

Stuff says... 

Honor 8X review

Cheap, reliable and definitely useful.
Good Stuff 
Price is under MYR1000
Good battery life
Amazing screen
Bad Stuff 
No earphones
Bad speakers
Average camera