Forget Mini Fridges, Have A Table-Top Vending Machine Cooler Instead

Please your pedestrian needs while indoors with the latest from Thanko Japan
25 June 2019 / 15:28MYT

There’s always two sides to be found in the products coming from The Land of the Rising Sun; there are the technologically advanced devices or vehicles that improves our quality-of-life, and then there are the outright wacky, bizarre, and unnecessary ones… that we can’t help wanting for whatever reason.


Previously, we’ve covered Thanko Japan’s ingenious mist producing umbrella that could be extremely handy for a hot day. Now, another of their latest products to catch our attention is a vending machine inspired table-top cooler for canned drinks. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend cash to “purchase” a drink from it. Rather, it works similarly to a standard vending machine by allowing you to select your choice of beverage to be dispensed at the bottom of the cooler.

The fridge has five tiers for you to sort out your favourite beverages by brand or flavour, and allows up to 10 canned drinks in total. As mentioned before, it works merely by you deciding which beverage to dispense by pressing the corresponding button on the side and the cooler will drop your selection to its takeout port. The device will keep your drinks refrigerated with the temperature as low as 5 degrees celsius and will fluctuate depending on ambience. The cooler can be powered by wire through a power outlet, and even a car’s power socket if you plan to bring it along for rides.


Like I said before, it’s just wacky and simply unnecessary yet I can’t help but want one on my desk at home or at the office. For those tempted interested, the cooler is available on Thanko’s website at JPY 14,800 (~MYR 570). Though it does not charge anyone to have a drink dispensed, no one’s stopping you from making a quick buck or two from guests or colleagues alike. Just saying…

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