Special edition sandstone OnePlus 5T shows true grit

You've got red on you.
05 January 2018 / 2:45MYT

The grippy, granular texture of this limited-run Sandstone White 5T wasn’t actually chiselled out of a block of the hard stuff - but the OnePlus engineers might as well have. Each phone takes 75 minutes of priming, masking and sandblasting to create that unique feel. The white hue is also a bit of a nod to the phone that started it all, the OnePlus One, which arrived in Silk White colour. That eye-catching red alert slider, though? Yeah, that’s new. Underneath it’s the same top-spec OnePlus 5T, with with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage on top of the super-speedy Snapdragon 835 CPU. It'll be going on sale in the UK on the 9th of January for £499 (RM2705) - but you'll have to move fast, as they'll only be around in limited numbers.