PowerCube’s Sensor Series will turn off your lights with a clap

Or detect your presence for instant lumens
08 July 2017 / 1:14MYT

It’s an inexplicable thing, the urge to wander into a room and activate the lights with just a clap. Some say it stems from our Egyptian forefathers, who would clap to communicate with the aliens (you know, the ones building the pyramids) as their glowing tractor beam dropped huge blocks of stone. Whatever the truth behind our palm-slapping urges, PowerCube’s latest blocks should solve them: hook a Sound Sensor up to your lights and you’ll have clap-activated brightness in a jiffy. If motion’s more your thing, grab the Remote Sensor for instant light wherever you walk. Already funded on Kickstarter, the sensors start at US$23 (RM100).

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