The Amabrush vibrates all your teeth clean in 10 seconds

Although it does look faintly ridiculous while doing so
03 August 2017 / 5:11MYT

Toothbrushes? They’re a bit much like hard work. Electric toothbrushes? You still have to hold them, and they take ages to run through a cycle. Enter: Amabrush, which cleans all your gnashers in just ten seconds. It uses a combination of toothpaste foam and strong vibrations to do so, oscillating its mouthpiece bristles at an amplitude of 9.5G. And all while looking like Jony Ive’s started designing BDSM gear. Still, if you’ve a hankering to “make your toothbrushing experience more efficient”, and keep your teeth clean “even when you’re exhausted from work”, you can grab one now on Kickstarter from €79 (RM405). Or possibly just rethink your life a bit, so you’ve actually got the time and energy to clean your teeth.

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