The latest Moto Mod turns your phone into an instant photo printer

17 November 2017 / 2:22MYT

Everything makes a comeback, and right now it’s all about instant photography. A few weeks ago Fujifilm launched the Instax Share SP-3, a mini printer that connects to your phone wirelessly and fires out old-school square snaps. Despite having a remarkably similar name, Motorola’s Insta-Share (£119, RM655) has gone one better. With this mod attached your Moto Z phone essentially becomes the printer. Built in collaboration with Polaroid, the device prints 2x3” photos onto Polaroid’s smudge-free ZINK Zero-Ink Paper, seamlessly hooking up with your Facebook, Instagram and Google Photos accounts. Just snap it to the back of your phone, click the button to launch the camera, and you’re away. You can customise your snaps with various filters and effects (which does sort of defeat the point, but anyway), while adhesive backs mean you're able to effortlessly spam your flat with your elite selfies. Sadly you won’t be using one on Christmas Day, but stock is scheduled to arrive in early January.