Black Shark FunCooler Pro Is A Cooling Mobile Accessory For Gaming Smartphones; Priced At RM199

Looks cool(ing)
25 March 2020 / 18:23MYT

With the rise of mobile gaming, it makes sense to want to accessories your smartphone to make it even more efficient and powerful. If that's what you're looking for, then this Black Shark FunCooler is what you need.

Mimicking that of a laptop cooler, the accessory is meant to cool your smartphone down with the use of advanced TEC (Thermoelectric Cooling) technology. It's meant to reduce the temperature of the back panel of a smartphone by about 25°C, and the edges of the phone by about 10°C. Based on their own tests, the FunCooler reduced the temperature of the back of the phone to 16°C from 45°C in 15 minutes during a game of PUBG.

The accessory is basically a clip-on cooler fan and is compatible with smartphone models with widths between 67mm–88mm. It will require to be plugged in to a USB as it doesn't come with its own batteries. There's even an app with the device so you can adjust the settings to either Freeze mode or Blizzard mode, see the current temperature of your smartphone as well as the RGB lighting of the device. And no worries; this device works for both iPhones and Android devices so you're good to go.

If all this sounds good, you can get the Black Shark FunCooler Pro at Shopee with it retailing at RM199.