You Waze Me Up: 7 key tips for navigating with Waze

Waze your way through Malaysia more efficiently than before

If you’re like us, you use Waze every day. No other app on our phone reduces stress as drastically (or prevents it from building in the first place).

Waze helps over 50 million users around the world get to their destination. 

View your route in steps

When you choose a destination, you’re taken to the map view immediately. But if you want a turn-by-turn breakdown of your route (Waze calls it “Next turns”), tap the black bar at the top of the screen. The breakdown gives you the full list of turns to reach your destination, where to take them, and how far away they are.

You can also get a list of upcoming reports along your route (Waze calls it “Reports ahead”). After tapping the black bar, a slider appears. Tap the right selection to get to “Reports ahead.” The app gives you a condensed view of these reports when you originally select the route, but this list lets you see the exact order you’ll encounter these reports, how far away they are, and the exact reports themselves. Tap the left selection to get back to “Next turns.”