World Cup 2014: all the stories

Stuff's World Cup extravaganza kicks off – we've got everything from the best footy games to the tech behind the tournament
Brazuca football

The World Cup is underway! Brazil's stadiums are packed to bursting with footy fanatics – while Britain's pubs ring to the whoops and groans of fans.

We've rounded up the best football stories on to keep you motivated between matches; much better than a half-time orange.

The 25 best football games ever

25 best football games ever

Is there a better way to mark the start of the World Cup than with a definitive list of the best soccerball video games of all time? No, there's not. So here it is.

The 25 best football games ever

Nike Football creates 3D printed World Cup gear

Nike Rebaro bag

Wayne Rooney, Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo are toting Nike’s new shin pads and bags in Brazil. This isn't any ordinary kit, though; it's 3D printed, meaning that it's stronger and more flexible. And coming to a pitch near you. Eventually.

Find out about the kit of the future here

Adidas Smart Ball hands-on: can it level up English football?

Adidas Smart Ball

We go for a kickabout with football's first intelligent ball – and finally learn how to hit a 'knuckle' shot…

Stuff gets feet-on here

Adidas' crazy knitted football boot/sock hybrid

Adidas Primeknit

Adidas brings the fight to Nike with its new footie footwear; part sock, part boot, and part… insane. But there is method to Adidas' apparent madness.

See the new boot here

Nike unveils knitted Magista football boots

Nike Magista

Yes, that's knitted boots. But these radical new footie shoes could be game-changers.

Find out why here

How Opta analyses football


Opta reveals the inner beauty of the beautiful game; find out how a footie match is turned into retweet-ready data – and how it's being used to predict who'll win the World Cup.

It's better than a magic octopus

It’s round, it bounces, it’s called the Brazuca

It’s round, it bounces, it’s called the Brazuca

The World Cup 2014 football revealed: Stuff looks at five reasons why Brazil 2014’s weapon of choice is “the most tested football ever”.

They've got a robot leg

Build the ultimate home setup for the World Cup 2014 final

Build the ultimate home setup for the World Cup 2014 final

The stage is set. Germany is in, Brazil's out. And you have less than a week to create the ultimate setup and revel in the glory of watching the Fifa World Cup 2014 final match. Do it with style, because this won't happen for another four years.

Build the ultimate home setup for the World Cup 2014 final