These wonderfully weird movie food tie-ups will entertain you

Shrek and Twinkies

Shrek apparently spawned quite a lot of food tie-ins, which was unfortunate considering how many of those items featured green things. Green things that were not fresh vegetables.

One notable one was Shrek-themed Twinkies with green filling. "Ogre green creamy filling" is not appetising in any universe, hello. It's hard to eat food when you're uncertain of whether it's meant to look that way or passed through a radioactive wasteland on the way to a supermarket.

Star Wars and Monster Mouth

Star Wars? Again? Well, we couldn't not show you this monstrosity which has pretty much gone down as legend. Made by candy manufacturer Monster Mouth, it made a sweet out of Jar Jar Binks' tongue.

Sucking on a candy version of Jar Jar's tongue. Ugh.

This is probably prime example of the lack of vetting when it came to handing out the Star Wars licensing for spinoff products. May we never see such monstrosities again now that Disney owns everything Star Wars.


Guardians of the Galaxy and Doritos

We actually like this one: Doritos has a special bag of chips you can only get on Amazon that, gets this, plays the soundtrack of the second Guardians of the Galaxy film.

It's even rechargeable so even if the Doritos run out, the music won't. Perfect if you want to get your retro music groove on while snacking on Doritos.