Ultimate setup: Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Aren’t you proud of your new Samsung Galaxy Note 4? Supercharge it with these aftermarket accessories
Ultimate setup: Samsung Galaxy Note 4

So you've just wrapped your hands around your new Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Bit of a struggle, we know; that thing is big. You've put a lot of money down on your phablet; but investing a little more in accessories will help you get the most out of it. We've rounded up the best kit for your Note 4, from cases to DACs.

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Shure SE215

Ultimate setup: Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Note 4 supports a handful of lossless audio formats, so once you’ve loaded it up with enough hi-res music, you're going to want some new cans to get the most out of your track list. Shure's a good bet for gorgeous fidelity so the Shure SE215 is among the best you can get for under RM500. Our colleagues over at What Hi Fi? say: "There’s a weight and richness to bass that’s unexpected but very pleasant."

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Flip Wallet Cover

Ultimate setup: Samsung Galaxy Note 4

You'll want to keep your Note 4 safe from the elements, and one good way to protect it is with the official Flip Wallet Cover. Apart from actually protecting your phone, it also doubles up as a card holder that will work with all of your contactless cards. It’s also available in about a million (fine, eight) colour options, so you can get one to match either your phone or your mood.

RM148, Buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Wallet Flip Cover on Lelong

Samsung Gear Live

Ultimate setup: Samsung Galaxy Note 4

You could really use any Android Wear smartwatch with the Note 4, but there’s just something about pairing products from the same stable together that appeals to us.

The Samsung Gear Live will send push notifications over to your wrist, so you can check up on your texts and e-mail without having to pull the big slab out of your pocket every time. And Android Wear is ever improving, so it’s an investment in the future.

RM900, Buy the Samsung Gear Live on Techbug

Avantree Jogging Armband

Ultimate setup: Samsung Galaxy Note 4

With Samsung's S-Health fitness tracking, the Note 4 is a perfect companion for your daily run; you'll certainly want it along as you move about burning calories every morning. This cheap as chips option will let you strap it onto your arm, wih easy access to the screen, buttons and ports.

RM40, Buy the Avantree Jogging Armband here