Ultimate Setup: Apple Watch

TYLT Energi 6K travel charger (£54.80 (RM305))

The Apple Watch has battery issues. Not only does what watch itself only last a day off a charge, if you’re lucky, it also drains your iPhone’s battery a bit. One obvious solution: an external battery.

There are hundreds of the things about, and as both the iPhone and Apple Watch charge cables end in a good old USB port, you can use just about any of them. One that has taken our fancy recently is the TYLT Energi 6K travel charger.

It’s a 6000mAh unit — nothing too special there — but the neat bit is that a 3-pin plug slots directly into it, letting you charge it directly from the mains. It also comes with 2-pin US and EU adapters, and they can all be removed so it fits in your bag easier. Pretty smart, right?

Buy the TYLT Energi 6K travel charger here

CyClip (US$30 (RM110))

One for the big old TBC list is CyClip. It’s currently in Kickstarter phase and there are some concerns over whether it’ll even work, but we hope it does.

CyClip is the first bike handlebar mount we’ve seen for Apple Watch, designed to give you a nice ’n’ clear display while you’re on your motorbike or good old leg-powered bicycle. It says you’ll be able to use it for navigation, notifications and music control.

There’s just one little (well pretty big) potential snag. How do you get the display to stay on? The Apple Watch screen is designed to time out very quickly after being used, so will this accessory work in real life? The jury’s out, but we’re hoping it will. With an iPhone in tow it could, turn the Apple Watch into a full cycle computer.

Back the Cyclip Kickstarter campaign here

Spare Apple Watch magnetic charger (US$29 (RM105))

You already get one MagSafe charger with the Apple Watch, so why would you need another? We think it might just be the best accessory investment you make for your shiny new watch.

Put one by your bedside table and another on your desk at work (assuming you’re desk-bound) and you solve two of the biggest problems of living with an Apple Watch. First, it makes keeping the watch topped-up with juice dead easy.

Next, it eradicates the problem of having to constantly search for the charge cable. In short: embrace life, get another cable.

Buy a spare Apple Watch magnetic charger here

X-Doria Defense Edge case (US$29.99 (RM110))

Scratching up your Apple Watch is the stuff of nightmares, like looking down and finding one of your ribs poking out of your side. It doesn’t bear thinking about.

While fewer people are going to embrace Watch cases than iPhone cases, the things do exist. One of the least-awful-looking early contenders is the X-Doria Defense.

Instead of wrapping your watch in plastic, it has a more Apple-like aluminium shell, with a protective rubber lining that also makes it easy to avoid ruining the feel of the watch’s buttons. If you’re looking at selling your Watch on next year when the second version is inevitably released, it’s a sensible investment — even if it does spoil the look a bit.

Buy the X-Doria Defense Edge case here

Plantronics Backbeat Fit (US$165 (RM600))

We’ve already looked at one pair of wireless headphones, but what about headphones for real exercise freaks? The Plantronics Backbeat Fit are some of the top wireless earphones designed specifically for sporty types.

They have a stabilising headband and an earpiece style a bit like Apple’s own EarPods. These let you hear what’s going on around you so you don’t, y’know, jog into oncoming traffic or stumble into a baby buggy.

At US$165 they don’t cost the earth either. They’ll last for eight hours off a charge: enough for a marathon or two.

Buy the Plantronics Backbeat Fit here