6 things we've uncovered for Square Enix's upcoming Final Fantasy XV

The most important thing - a 30 September launch date, amongst others

Final Fantasy fans have had a sort of love-hate relationship with Square Enix over the past 10 years. Mainly, because of Final Fantasy XV, or once known as Final Fantasy XIII Versus.

As with all its previous titles in the series, the RPG features a rightly sullen and emotional protaganist in the form of Noctis Nox. But the long-awaited game is more than that. During the Uncovered live event in Los Angeles, more details surrounding the delayed game were finally revealed.


Final Fantasy XV launches on 30 September

10 long years. And finally, we have a date. The game will launch on 30 September for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Pretty great news given that console exclusivity should be a thing of the past. PC gamers, however, will be disappointed to hear that the game won't be within reach anytime soon. Still, its director Hajima Tabata said the team will "definitely take a good, hard look at PC".

And if you're a true fan, you'll be eyeing the Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Collector's Edition.

A new, free demo now available for PS4 and Xbox One users

Fire up your consoles. Because you'll get a taste of Final Fantasy with the Platinum Demo that's free to download and available right now.

And this isn't the earlier demo which was only available to those who pre-ordered Final Fantasy: Type-0. Instead, it'll have you start off as a young Noctis, and as the demo continues, you'll be transformed into creatures, shrink down to drive toy cars.

Of course, you'll also get to experience the fighting style of Noctis as a grown-up, tackling a massive monster.

This demo, however, isn't a standalone piece. Because Square Enix says the demo's will be tied directly to another announcements during today's Uncovered event.