These are the best websites to sniff out your next travel deal

Google Flights

Google Flights may be relatively new, but together with all other Google products, it could come in very handy. Google Flights alone helps you find the best deal and route for travelling, but with Google Destinations, you can discover places to visit and things to do too.

Ease of use:

Searching for flights on Google Flights is very direct; all you need to do is key in your departure airport and destination, and date. For your destination, you don’t even need to key in an airport or even a specific city, you can enter “Europe”, and Google will return results for places to discover in Europe, along with the prices.


If you key in an airport for your destination, Google Flights will return a very simple search result with all the flights available. It will also include information like the amenities provided in the flight such as Wi-Fi, in-flight entertainment system, and if there’s any USB port on board.

Sadly though, unlike Kayak, SkyScanner or Cheapflights, Google Flights only show flights directly from airlines, so it doesn’t take into consideration other flight booking website that might offer a better deal. It has Expedia integration, which means that you can click on a link and search for flights in Expedia instead.


Booking of flight tickets cannot be done on Google Flights. You can either opt to book directly from the respective airline, or opt to book via Expedia.


Other services provided by Google Flights include hotel price comparison, and Google Destinations integration.