These are the best websites in Malaysia to look for your dream house

Find out which property portal is perfect for you

Shopping for property can be scary. It’s not often you drop a couple hundred grand on something, after all. Unless you do, in which case we need to be friends, like today.

For the rest of us, you’d like to know that in a 2016 survey conducted by iProperty, site visitors were asked what they look for in online listings. The top 5 things were

  • Price comparisons
  • Detailed information about the property or facilities
  • High quality photos
  • Feature comparison
  • Reviews on the property or location

Whether you agree or disagree with iProperty visitors, we’ve all got our own criteria for finding a good piece of real estate. But finding a website to apply that criteria to is a different story. You want to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

That doesn’t mean you’ve got to search every Malaysian property portal until you get it, just one of these.