Stuff's Ultimate Guide to Google Android

Load up on the sweetness of the little green droid as it conquers almost every known smartphone in the world

Welcome to the world of Android, where the only limit is your imagination.

iOS and Android fans could stay in a heated debate for days, but the truth is, each has its own merits. For Android, its greatest advantage lies in Google’s open approach and looking out for the geeks in all of us with the promise of customisation and flexibility.

Unless you’re a stoic Apple fanboy, you would have owned, or at the very least, fiddled with an Android device before. Google’s mobile operating system had a slow start, but it has since dominated the smartphone domain.

But if you haven’t heard of or even spent a few seconds with an Android device, we’ve got you covered. Even if you think you know everything there is to know about the little green droid, scroll down.

Who knows, you might discover something new very soon.

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The Android multiverse

“How do you ever get used to a new Android phone, if the user interface is so different,” asked an Apple fanboy once. While said fanboy didn’t get death stares from the horde of Android users, the point is valid, though there’s more that you should know.

The underlying theme for Android is to maintain a simple user interface - a design approach that most Android makers have adhered to. LG, Samsung, Sony and HTC have largely kept the latest Android features intact, and have added more bells and whistles to it. No longer regarded as bloatware, these customised UIs add more depth to your Android user experience. Some even go so far as to emulate a design that seems oddly familiar to non-Android devices.

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All about Android

Everything else about Android what we’ve highlighted are just the tip of the iceberg, and we’ve consolidated them in this ultimate guide to Google Android.

Perchance you want to know everything, and by that, we really mean EVERYTHING about Google Android, read all our Android-related news, reviews and features.

Fair warning: be ready for information overload.

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