Stuff weekender 24/4/15

The films to watch, apps to download and things to do this weekend

Comic book fans assemble.

This weekend marks your first opportunity to watch The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, the sequel to the third-highest-grossing film ever, while audiophiles should have a listen to the great new Alabama Shakes album.

Have fun.


Like a combination of Canabalt and Whale Trail (with added llamas), Alto’s Adventure is a beautifully designed, one-button endless runner (well, snowboarder) that starts at the top of a procedurally generated mountain.

We assume there is no bottom, but in your quest to reach it you’ll jump chasms and do flips, day will turn to night, rain and snow will fall and you’ll be pursued by spooky elders. An elegantly simple throwback without any in-app purchases.

Stuff says ★★★★✩ 

Download Alto's Adventure (US$1.99) for iOS


You’ve got Spotify Premium, hungry ears and a fine bottle of spare time. It’s a good start; now for the finishing touches:

1. To auto-generate playlists based on your mood, go to ‘app finder’ and install ‘Moodagent’. Here you can choose an atmosphere or even select the track you’d like to inform the mood of your playlist.

2. Like Spotify’s Radio function but still get frequent clangers? Go to getdenied.com and install the free trial Mac app. This will auto-skip songs you don’t like.

3. To explore the unloved tundra of Spotify songs that somehow have a play count of zero, head to forgotify.com. Your bravery might just be rewarded with a newfound love of Hungarian drone metal.


Get ready to meet the Maximoff siblings Pietro and Wanda, both of whom come wielding some serious power in the follow-up to Avengers Assemble. Aaron Taylor-Johnson plays the former, who in the Marvel universe is the fastest man in the world, while Elizabeth Olsen as his sister has some serious chaos and probability-manipulation powers.

They join the rest of the Avengers gang - Hulk, Captain America and of course Iron Man - as they battle a crazed artificial intelligence hellbent on killing off humanity. (But then aren't they always? We live for the day when someone makes a film about a crazed AI hellbent on helping humanity create the perfect pizza and solving the problems of rush-hour traffic.)

Anyway, Avengers: Age Of Ultron is really rather good. We know this because we've seen it - and we suggest you take some time this weekend to do the same.


With so many photo editing apps available to download on the app store, it's hard to settle on one that will cover all of your needs. Enlight, however, ticks all the boxes.

It enables you to merge photos to create a double exposure effect, apply almost every filter under the sun and edit almost any specific aspect of the photo in question. Plus, the ability to save sessions then continue later is a real boon for the easily distracted. We can't see why you'd look anywhere else for your mobile photo editing needs.

Download Enlight (US$3.99) for iOS


Alabama Shakes' frontwoman Brittany Howard is a force of nature, filling the quartet's debut album with a vocal wall of sound and marking them out as ones to watch. But truth be told, without Howard it probably wouldn't have stood out much at all. 

Sound & Color is a different beast: Howard's still front and centre but the guitar solo-laden Gimme All Your Love and Black Keys-esque Future People show there's a life for them beyond just being a vehicle for a big voice.  

Stuff says ★★★★

Buy Sound & Colour on iTunes


On Netflix: Star Trek: Into Darkness

You don't have to be a Benedict Cumberbatch obsessive to enjoy the second Star Trek reboot - maybe you go all weak at the knees for Chris Pine instead? Alternatively, you could just enjoy the excellent on-screen clash between Pine's brave and reckless Captain Kirk and Cumberbatch's scheming, sinister Khan. Obsessive Tekkies may bristle at the all-action approach here - it doesn't exactly major on subtlety - but the rest of us will be too busy enjoying the spectacle to worry about what they think.

On Amazon Prime: Suits Season 3

With the possible exception of Mad Men, Suits is the slickest, best dressed show to grace our TV screens in recent years. Gabriel Macht is outstanding as the smooth-talking, persuasive, well dressed Harvey Specter, a man who _really_ doesn't like to lose. So think of him as the Don Draper of the courthouse.

Season three has now joined the first two on Amazon Prime, making this weekend the ideal time to introduce yourself to the show's dramatic, intertwining storylines.