Shooty and sweet: the 10 best games for gunplay

It's bullet time.
Stuff's 10 best gun games

We love clever games, games that do something new, games that tell a story, games that make us play in different ways. But you know what else we like? Guns. Lots of guns. Because after a hard day's work, nothing beats the stress release of tooling up, stomping onto the virtual battlefield and keeping the trigger held down until your enemies are just a puddle of nasty, enemy-flavoured jam. Here are the 10 best ways to get your gun off. 

10. Halo (2001)

Bungie developed games for the Mac until this title caught Microsoft's Sauron-like eye. It liked the game so much, it bought the company and made the sci-fi shooter an Xbox exclusive, adding mainstream-friendly features like a regenerating shield and auto-aiming to make it work on consoles.

9. Call Of Duty 2 (2005)

Took the tired old war game conceit and jazzed it up with multiple characters and plotlines. Developer Infinity Ward used all the power of PC and Xbox 360 to bring a new level of authenticity to its look and feel. Online play was key, and that’s why CoDs are still a must-buy.

8. Bioshock (2007)

A shooter, yes, but one that won gamers' with its breathtaking environments and spooky characters. You sort of crept around, admiring the Art Deco decay, then met and attempted to kill some gloriously designed old monsters.