Shoot smarter with these 12 secret iPhone camera features

Here's how you can upgrade your iPhone-tography skills
12 secret iPhone camera features

The iPhone's camera is indisputably one of the best smartphone cameras around. But can it be made even better?

Well, of course, if you know a few things about how to work that imaging magic. Why have the tools at your disposal, but have no clue as to how to use them properly? We're here to right that wrong; here are some of the things you should know to make you a better iPhone-tographer.

P.S: You might want to download some of the best photo-editing apps or learn what else you can do with your photos in-phone if you're looking to be better than good.

Tip #1: Volume control shutter

12 secret iPhone camera features
12 secret iPhone camera features

Imagine this: You're trying to take a photo of yourself using the rear iSight camera since it has a larger megapixel count. But you're unable to sense where the trigger is on the touchscreen, so you end up blindly tapping on the screen and having your phone nearly slip out of your grasp. What do you get in the end? Out of focus selfies that are more frowny than flattering. 

Solution: You could always use the front-facing Facetime camera. But if you still insist on using the iSight one, you can trigger the shutter using the volume controls on your EarPods or your phone. It works with third party earphones with volume controls too. No more blind jabbing at the screen!