Self-making beds and touchscreen toilets: furniture that does the hard work for you

Belkin WeMo Smart LED Bulb (US$$25 / RM105)

The issue many of us have with smart home technology is that it seems like a huge hassle to set up and replace. So if you’re keen to jump on the bandwagon but are too lazy to install anything huge, then start with the WeMo Smart LED Bulbs.

Shaped just like any normal lightbulb, they’re designed to be controlled from your smartphone or tablet within your exiting Wi-Fi network and mobile internet. With the WeMo app, you can manually control the light, or use the pre-programmed app features to set custom schedules that could range from turning on at a certain time, respond to sunsets and sunrises, and dim gradually at night. You can even control them as a group, and set custom lighting options in each room.

The most complex part of the installation process is simply to get it synced to the WeMo Link (sold separately), which helps manage the connection between your smartphone and each smart lightbulb in the room.

After all, it only takes one to screw in a lightbulb.

Buddy (US$650 / RM2700)

This is probably the closest feasible robot companion that’s coming into the market. With an adorable emoji face, Buddy is a mutation of Amazon Prime, the Jetson’s housekeeper, and an anime character. While it putters around your home, it’s also helping you get about your day, like a very tiny and cute personal assistant.

With sophisticated facial and speech recognition software and human and object detection, recognition and tracking, they can do anything from reminding you of tasks and events and answering calls to playing with your kids. With the autonomous collision and obstacle avoidance technology of a Roomba and localisation and mapping abilities, it's able to navigate its way around your home easily and watch your home like a guard dog. You can even connect your smart home appliances to it, so you can command it to control dishwashers, lights, and wearables.

Having raised over $600K in a pre-order round on Kickstarter, Buddy is set to ship in July 2016. It’s still in its rudimentary stages, but our dream of robot butlers will soon come true — until Buddy takes over the world.

Gourmia GCR1700 ($150 / RM630)

While it’s called a robot cook, it’s really just a cooker that helps you stir, which in many cases, is the bulk of the actual cooking portion. It’s able to cook up to 10 ways, from baking to stir-frying, thanks to the self-operated stirrer and auto circulating system that moves air through the device, to mimic the various styles of cooking.

All these settings are accessible from a control panel at the front of the cooker, which you can reprogram and activate when you’re ready to begin. The time and temperature are always displayed on the front, so all you have to do is watch, and eventually eat. Perfect for kitchen idiots who burn water.

Smart Hydro from iHouse (TBD)

This is the bathtub that came down from home spa heaven. Sure, it has built-in jacuzzi nozzles, an “essence dispenser” that pumps in your favourite scent, but it's also connected to the internet. From what we can tell, you’re able to prepare your bath settings such as temperature, lighting, and scent through a touchpad or from your phone. It can even be connected to dumb phones via DTMF, so that you get a call from your bathtub when your bath is done.

Once you’re done with your bath, it also cleans itself automatically, pumping in water and detergent to circulate your bathtub before it automatically drains itself.

Smarter Coffee (£180 / RM1100)

This is how you brew coffee without getting out of bed. You get a smart coffeemaker like Smarter Coffee, connect it to your home wifi, and preset how you like your coffee to be made.

Set a specific part of the morning for it to automatically begin brewing, so that it fits right into your morning schedule. Or alternatively, manually start the brewing process from your smartphone from the Smarter 2.0 app available on both iOS and Android, then lay in bed for another 15 minutes until your phone tells you that it's ready.

Not everyone can make a decent cup of coffee first thing in the morning, but anyone can push a button on their smartphones half-awake.