Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy S5: 8 reasons to upgrade (and 3 reasons not to)

Another year, another Galaxy flagship. So is the jump from S5 to S6 one you ought to make or are you better off staying put?

If you’re a smartphone fan, the Samsung Galaxy S6 probably has your face looking a bit heart-eyes emoji right now.

It’s a serious looker - but if you’re currently rocking an S5 you won’t even have had your current phone for a year. So is it worth shelling out for its replacement or is the S6’s beauty only skin deep? And what’s so great about the S6 anyway? Here’s what we reckon.

1. It works that body

We aren’t exaggerating when we call the Samsung Galaxy S6 the best-looking phone Samsung has ever made.

Having seen the error of its ways, Samsung has said see ya to bulbous corners and a plastic finish. Gone is the dimpled back panel that looked like it was designed by the same people who make orthopaedic shoes. Instead, the Galaxy S6 is all fine-crafted metal and glass.

It’s sleek, it’s shiny and, compared to the S5, it is gorgeous.

2. It says bye-bye to bloatware

Using the Samsung Galaxy S6 should be less tap, tap, tap again, get annoyed and throw the phone against a wall, and more like tap and crack on with what you were trying to do.

That’s because Samsung has finally cut down the amount of unnecessary applications and permissions that its nervy TouchWiz software throws up by about 40%. Better late than never, we say.

3. It’s going to be fast - real fast

If the S5’s innards had us swooning at launch, the processing power on the Galaxy S6 had us in a dead faint. Coupling Samsung’s 64-bit octa-core Exynos processor with 3GB of RAM and the reduction in pop-ups, the company tells us the S6 will be 88% faster than its predecessor.

4. It don’t need no stinkin’ wires

Sort of, anyway. While the Samsung Galaxy S5 may be technically capable of wireless charging, it needs its own personal wireless charging kit to do so. But the S6 takes it next level: you can charge the newest member of the Galaxy family using any wireless charging pad that adheres to the right industry standards.

Samsung’s made it so that it plays nice with not one but two different types of charger, so you shouldn’t struggle to find a compatible one - at the very least, you’ll find them in McDonald’s and Starbucks et al.

5. And it charges in a flash

You’ll have to use a wire for this, but Samsung reckons the S6 can suck enough juice out of the wall in 10 minutes to keep you watching HD video for two hours.