3 reasons why Pokémon Go is still worth playing

Erna Mahyuni thinks players should love the game for what it is, not what it isn't

Pokémon Go numbers have started falling, but here I am, still playing Pokémon Go. I think I might even still be playing by the end of the year. Why so, you ask?

The game still has room to grow

The game has gone through quite a few updates, some for the better, some for the worst.

What is sorely missing is a better way of locating Pokémon, as the Nearby feature seems to be less helpful than its earlier version. Yet the game has improved stability-wise and the added appraisal features make the choice to evolve Pokémon easier.

With the upcoming update that lets you bring along a companion Pokémon, it adds more personality to the game and it doesn't hurt that you will earn some candy in the process.

It's a free game after all, so it won't hurt to stick around and see what else the game has in store.

What I'm waiting for: being able to trade out Pokémon because seriously, I have enough Ponyta to stage my own version of My Little Pony.

There's depth if you care to find it

Pokémon Go can be played a few ways: you can either strive to complete your collection, assuming that Niantic will have a mechanic in place to allow us to complete it without travelling the world or you can instead focus on the Pokémon you have.

Granted, the random nature of the Pokémon you encounter can be a bit frustrating. No one likes having to deal with the element of luck, instead of just skill in a game.

Yet the new appraisal system lets you pick and choose your Pokémon, giving you incentive to catch more in order to get a perfect Pokémon for evolution. Then you hope that it will evolve with the fighting move you want.

An easy way for beginners is to try and catch common Eevees. Easy to locate and not too hard to wrangle, they offer three different forms though it's argued that the water form, Vaporeon, is the best for gym storming.

Even the common Pidgie once evolved to Pidgeot can prove a competent fighter, so long as it has good stats and the Hurricane move.


It's all about managing expectations

The trouble with too many Pokémon Go players is that they expect the game to be a mobile replica of the Pokémon games.

Sorry, you want those? Get a 3DS. To be honest, I'm even contemplating getting one sometime just to try out Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Pokémon Go instead is a nice pastime. A fun way to see the world around you. It's pretty amazing to people visiting actual parks to do more than jog or walk the dog.

Pretending there are little pocket monsters hiding around the nearest corner harkens back to our childhood days; and being able to use your mobile phone to relive, even for a while, our childhoods, isn't that truly a wonder of technology?

It's actually a great thing too that I can, just put down Pokémon Go, because I'm at home and there aren't any Pokémon right now. Love Pokémon Go for what it is, not what it isn't.

In the meantime, I have a few Charmander to go to get my own fiery flying dragon so back to the game this addict goes.