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This Brazilian Netflix Original takes the intriguing concept of a world where the lucky few live in an Earthly paradise of gleaming spires and incredible technology, inhabited by beautiful people eating the best food and enjoying free healthcare - while the other 97% of the population reside in slums. Yes, it’s Broken Britain 2017. Ahem.

To enter this paradise the slum dwellers must pass a series of gruelling tests designed to separate the human wheat from the sub-human chaff and it’s this process that the first season of 3% follows. It all quickly goes a bit Battle Royale, with factions forming and alliances breaking as the desperate teens compete to earn themselves a better life.

Concept-wise it might sound a bit young adult fiction, but 3% is a superior take on the genre, thanks to some really well-rounded characters and quite a few genuine surprises. Here’s hoping it gets the second series it deserves.

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The Big Lebowski

Does anyone not like the Coen brothers? Maybe there’s a woman somewhere in Minnesota who refuses to watch their films because Joel didn’t ask her to the prom in 1971. Maybe there’s a man somewhere in Cheshire who’s never seen any of them because Ethan looks like the sod who ran over his dog. But the rest of us are all on board, right?

Fargo (1996) was the breakthrough movie that made their reputation for somehow managing to be funny, warm, dark and grotesque all at the same time.  The Big Lebowski came two years later and it’s every bit as watchable, with John Goodman and Jeff Bridges in a ramblingly daft story of money, revenge and bowling.

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Bill Burr: Walk Your Way Out

“Not afraid to tell it like it is” is usually code for “voted for Donald Trump”, but while Bill Burr will definitely rub some people up the wrong way during Walk Your Way Out, he can back (almost) all of it up. In fact, watching how he deals with a sometimes sceptical Nashville audience is part of the fun.

Even though the material here perhaps isn’t his best (I’m Sorry You Feel That Way, another Netflix Original, is probably our favourite) and he makes too much of certain bits, his unmistakeable delivery, his plans for people who go on cruises and the mental image of Adolf Hitler with a t-shirt gun make up for it.

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