The most memorable Stevenotes of all time

Macworld (2000)

This marks the second coming of Apple. Prior to this announcement, Steve had been acting as interim CEO for two and a half years after being ousted from the company that he had co-founded.

The racuous applause that greets this revelation proves that for all the hate that this man get, he has his equal share of love. And it's from this point onwards, when Steve Jobs moves from being interim CEO to iCEO that Apple started making the products that garnered them great acclaim even to this day. 

So if there's one thing that the man teaches you, it's if at first you don't succeed, try and try again. 

iPod (2001)

This device introduction cemented Apple’s position as not just another computer maker but a cool tech company capable of many tricks. Remember those silhouetted ads set to cool upbeat music? The world didn’t think it needed music players at that time, but the iPod changed all that with its sleek form factor. After all, 1000 songs in a player with built-in FireWire for fast transfers and charging was unheard of back then.

Before you knew it, everyone you knew had an iPod. And if you still used a Discman, you were uncool.