This modular lightsaber lets you construct the Jedi blade of your dreams

It glows, it makes whoosh noises, and it's 100% customisable

What do you bring before me this time my padawan apprentice?

Well, my... er... Master (I'm just gonna roll with this one), I have found an easy way for us to construct our fearsome lightsabers without the need for soldering equipment or machine cutters. 

I see, your interrogation of the Jedi scum yielded results. Excellent

Indeed, it took some time but the fool eventually yielded and pointed me toward a Kickstarter project called Adaptive Saber Parts. It seems that a Rebel Alliance affiliate known as Saber Force, which has been constructing custom blades for some years, has decided to lower the barrier of entry to saber newcomers by creating easily-assembled modular lightsabers.

Sacrilege! Only the mighty Sith should possess such power

Unfortunately that's exactly what Adaptive Saber Parts intends to disrupt. Whilst custom sabers have been a mainstay of serious collectors for years, changing their configuration has been impossible without the specialist equipment involved in their construction. By using a set of interchangeable parts that don't need soldering and fix together easily, this project will allow our enemies to personalise their weapons themselves.

Fear not, my padawan: self-assembly always leads to cheap imitations. The Jedi will arm themselves with inferior weaponry, and then we will strike them down

OK, and promise not to crack out the lightning fingers when I say this, but the weapons themselves sound high-grade to me, my Master. The hilts are constructed from precision machine-cut aerospace alloys which are strong as structural steel as well as feeling weighty. The blades themselves are formed of polycarbonate similar to that used in bulletproof glass and the interior is coated with a brightness-boosting film, leading to a what Sabre Force claims is the most luminous lightsaber on the market. Some models even ship with motion detection and sound, for extra PHRRREEOOWWW.

The components that make up a complete saber consist of an emitter, pommel, body, switch section and blade, all of which can be switched around. Adaptive Saber parts offer 100 different components to backers of the Kickstarter project, including many different types of all of the above. Every month a new set of components will become available for purchase, allowing aspiring Jedi to expand their collection.

It is of small consequence, glowing polycarbonate will never match the power of the Dark Side of the Force

The ultimate triumph of the Dark Side notwithstanding, my Master, the blade is so strong that you can have actual saber fights at full pelt without any risk of breaks. Maybe the Jedi are on to something here...


If a Sith Lord were to, lets say, completely hypothetically speaking, betray us and back this "Kickstarter project" how many galactic credits would they need?

Well, hypothetically speaking, there are several pledge tiers to the campaign, so it depends. The entry-level pledge to receive a complete lightsaber is 225 galactic credits (or, er, US$) but that doesn't come with the motion detection or sound systems. The pledges go all the way up to 2500 credits, for which the user will receive enough parts to construct 10 custom lightsabers along with a whole ream of other Jedi relics. This hypothetical betrayer would have to check out the Kickstarter page themself for all the details. Anyone who's just curious should probably check out the campaign video below.

You have done well my padawan. It is all happening as I have forseen