Meitu’s V4s and M6 are the Kim Kardashians of the smartphone world

Self(ie)-obsessed? You’ll be a fan of the beauty app giant’s phone wares

Never heard of Meitu? How about Meitu Xiu Xiu? That’s right, we’re talking about the hugely popular photo-editing app.

The Chinese company showed off its newest pair of smartphones at MWC Shanghai, including a successor to the V4, purportedly the world’s first phone to have 21MP front and back cameras.

The 5-inch V4s comes with a more than adequate 2.0GHz octa-core MT6795 processor. Fronted with a full HD AMOLED display, its onboard storage of 128GB ensures you’ll never run out of space for your I-woke-up-like-this snaps.

It comes in two different materials for the back, plastic or leather for CNY3499 (RM2100) and CNY4399 (RM2640) respectively.

On the other hand, the M6 packs a 2.0GHz octa-core MT6755 engine, but is powered by a slightly bigger 2900mAH battery than the V6s’ 2650mAh one. It only comes in a 64GB variant that’s priced at CNY2399 (RM1440).

Both phones share the same 3GB RAM, full HD AMOLED display, and 21MP front and rear cameras. And of course, you can also expect Meitu’s suite of beauty apps to come preloaded.

So do the phones truly turn out pretty pictures? According to a company executive, it does due to the perfect pairing of software and hardware, especially in image processing.

Keeping in line with the focus on snaps, it has a front flash that comes in a form of a light right next to the camera, similar to how the most expert of selfie-takers use a ring light or how you would get your guy bud to use his phone to light up a shot for you and your squad in the club. Unfortunately, the showfloor was way too bright for us to really test that out.

It's obvious that Meitu’s smartphones are unabashedly targeting the female crowd, although we're sure they have male fans too (we heard a male booth visitor's wonderous reaction to the phone's beauty mode smoothening out the lines on his palms). There’s even a Hello Kitty edition that comes with a custom cartoon feline theme that costs CNY2599 (RM1560). For what it’s worth, they do a good job of differentiating themselves from the other smartphone makers with their form factor and fierce focus. 

It’s a pity that the phones aren’t for sale outside of China, they’d be a hit given how popular Meitu’s beauty apps and the never-ending trend of selfie celebration. Until then, we'll just have to settle for using the Meitu Xiu Xiu app and never knowing the beauty of Meitu's software and hardware harmony.